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In November of 2018 I was featured in Cleaver Magazine in a piece entitled "Inspired to See: Paintings by Giovanni Casadei."

The Chester County Press has featured my work in a piece entitled "Two artists in love with light."


The Ocean City Gazette has published a piece about my work, entitled "Italian Artist finds inspiration in Ocean City," on August 21, 2012.


The University of Leicester's School of Museum Studies Museum and Society magazine, November 2011. Volume 9, no. 3, has published an article entitled, Drawn to the Water: Artists of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Capture our Region's Waterways, 1830-Present, Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 15 April-31 December 2011, by Stephanie L. Shestakow, which mentions my work.

News and Updates

The Philadelphia Inquirer noted my work

in a mention, seen at right.

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